Miles Jupp: a different class

Self-confessed ‘privileged’ stand-up Miles Jupp doesn’t pay much attention to the news. It’s an odd confession from a comic who presents one of BBC Radio’s flagship topical comedy shows, namely Radio 7’s Newsjack – the logical heir to Weekending, given that it offers up the airwaves to sketches and gags from new and aspiring comedy writers.

In truth, it seems like Jupp lives in his own bubble, and that appears to be just how he likes it. A familiar face and voice to comedy fans – he’s appeared alongside such stand-up stalwarts as Stewart Lee and Simon Munnery, made a guest appearance as a hapless PR officer in The Thick of It, and narrated the radio series from much-loved sketch troupe the Penny Dreadfuls – as well as children, for his role in Balamory. Read the rest of this entry »

Chris Addison: In the thick of it

Expectations are a funny thing. Gathered among the audience for this, the third date on Chris Addison’s first tour for five years, were probably two distinct groups. His starring role in Armando Iannucci’s sublime satire The Thick of It has made the Manchester-born comedian if not quite a household name, then at least it’s given him a handy moniker as “that skinny bloke who gets shouted at by Malcolm Tucker”.

Though likely a smaller group, there are also those familiar with Addison from his earlier, cerebral stand-up shows and Radio 4 slots, such as The Ape That Got Lucky and Civilisation, not to mention the fondly remembered radio sitcom The Department, which he co-wrote and starred in alongside The Bugle’s Andy Zaltzman and John Oliver. Read the rest of this entry »

Close to the Mark: comedian and activist Mark Thomas

Close to the Mark: comedian and activist Mark Thomas

Sometimes comedy can benefit from the serendipitous timing of events. Witness the fantastic In the Loop, Armando Iannucci’s film spin-off of Whitehall sitcom The Thick of It.

Minister Simon Foster sits in a hotel room, worrying that if he orders an adult film it will become public knowledge, only for an eerily similar story broke around the time of the film’s release.

Mark Thomas hasn’t been quite so fortunate. His latest show, It’s the Stupid Economy, started out with the premise of…well…sorting out the economy. Yet since the beginning of the tour, the global recession has been usurped as the top news story by the MPs’ expenses scandal. Read the rest of this entry »